Where did the water go?

Vicuna & Dracup, The Evolution of Climate Impact Studies on Hydrology and Water Resources in California


Ink on 1900 Map of San Francisco Bay and Tributary Streams

Leya Tess, 2020

Is this Epithelial?

Ink on 1900 Invertebrate Morphilogical Illustration

Leya Tess 2020

What About the Space Inbetween? 

Ink & Graphite on 1903 Echinoderm Morphology Lithograph by Julius Bien
Leya Tess 2019

Making a Muddle of the Multispecies?

Ink on page removed fro a 1920 Biology Textbook
Leya Tess 2019

Did You Learn About the Depths From a Book?

Ink on page removed from a 1920 Biology Textbook
Leya Tess 2019

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